Essence and Non-essence: What makes you You?

The ultimate destination in the spirirtual journey is to fulfil all the spiritual potential you have living a life of spiritual abundance. A key part of being able to acheive that admirable goal is to figure out how to find your true self. This is to distinguish between essence and non-essence. Essence is what makes something what it is. Non-essence is a part of something you can remove from the whole without the thing ceasing to be the thing it is. Suppose you are wearing wellington boots. If you take them off, you are still you. Wellington boots are not essential to who you are. Wellington boots do not make you who you are.

How to Find Your Self

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The question of how to find your self therefore is the quest to find that part of you which is essence. Wellington boots don't make you who you are, but what does? This is a hugely important question to ask yourself. It is obvious to see wellington boots don't make you who you are. Unfortunately the answers to what does make you who you are are not so simple. Is spirituality part of your essence? If spirituality is part of your essence has your spirituality found it's true expression and fulfilment in your life?

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